Decopiedras at your service

The decorative coating that recreates the authentic natural stone.


Decoded stone is a decorative coating, based on lime, marble dust and natural pigments.

Theming of commercial and interior premises

Thermal isolation.

On any support.

Infinite textures

Outdoors and landscaping

Floors and beach simulation for swimming pools.Artificial rock for pool.Team of technical riggers.

Interior decoration advice

With Decopiedras you can decorate your home with the style you want, experts in decorating spaces, with the style that really goes with you, organic, rustic, modern, vintage … Having the great ease of applying on any support such as brick, concrete , mortar, adobe and even paint.

Decorate walls and floors easily with stone look

Continuous decorative coating with metallic effects, epoxies, microcemento, micromarmol, microcal and oxides.

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